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IPOS Academy Workshops

Preliminary Plenary Program

Day 1, Wednesday 31st October 2018

Plenary 1 (Morning): Symptom management

  1. Keynote speaker: Deborah Schrag, Boston - Symptom monitoring and outcomes
  2. Plenary speaker: William Redd, New York - Light therapy for symptom control

Plenary 2 (Afternoon): Inequalities in survivorship outcomes

  1. Susan Dalton, Copenhagen - Social inequalities in survivorship
  2. Paul Jacobsen, Bethesda - Inequalities in cancer care

Day 2, Thursday 1st November 2018

Plenary 3 (Morning): Translational research

  1. Tatsuo Akechi, Nagoya - Usefulness of smartphone behavioral activation and problem-solving treatment on fear of recurrence
  2. Nicole Rankin, Sydney - Translational research
  3. Tony Mok, Hong Kong - Translational therapeutics in lung cancer - implications for improving care

President’s Plenary (Afternoon): Remembering Jimmie: A tribute to Prof Jimmie Holland

  1. Maria Die Trill, Madrid - IPOS President
  2. Chioma Asuzu, Nigeria
  3. David Kissane, Melbourne
  4. Lili Tang, Beijing
  5. Yosuke Uchitomi, Tokyo
  6. Maggie Watson, London

Day 3, Friday 2nd November 2018

Plenary 4 (Morning): Palliative care, advanced and end stage disease

  1. Ednin Hamzah, Kuala Lumpur - Advanced and end-stage disease in Asia
  2. Liz Lobb, Sydney - Late stage disease and end of life care
  3. CK Fang, Taipei - Advancing progress in palliative care
  4. Lili Tang, Beijing - Implementing out-patient care for late stage disease in China

IPOS Awards Plenary (Afternoon)

  1. Christoffer Johannsen, Copenhagen - Chair, IPOS Awards Committee
  2. Arthur M. Sutherland Awardee
  3. Bernard Fox Memorial Awardee
  4. Noemi Fisman Awardee