Abstract Submission Closed

Please login to the abstract and registration system to check your abstract result. Email notifications are also being sent to all submitting authors and co-authors. If you did not receive it, please check your junk mail box or send us an alternative email address (other than @qq.com and @hotmail.com) to update the system.

Abstract Regulations & Guidelines

With the submission of an abstract to IPOS 2018, the first author (submitting author):

  • Accepts responsibility for the accuracy of the submitted abstract.
  • Confirms that all authors are aware of and agree to the content of the abstract and support the data presented.
  • Confirms the abstract is not under review for presentation or publication elsewhere and has not been previously presented or published.
  • Gives permission for the abstract, when selected for presentation, to be published in the Congress proceedings.   Submitted abstracts cannot be withdrawn after 30th  June 2018.
  • Confirms that the presenting author will register and attend the conference. Abstracts of authors who have not registered for the conference by 1st August 2018 will not be included in the program or publication. Registration for IPOS 2018 will open in May.

The abstract must be submitted in good English. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to reject those abstracts, which are presented in poor English, or may request an immediate revision by the presenter.

Abstracts will be accepted for the following presentation types:

  • Symposium Submission: 20 minute/podium presentation plus 10 minutes’ discussion (minimum 3 presentations and maximum 4 presentations)
  • Oral Submission: 20 minute podium presentation
  • Poster Submission: poster presentation

The IPOS 2018 program will be organized into two parallel themes. All abstracts will be allocated to either Research or Clinical/Policy. You will be asked to indicate your abstract type from the following:

  • Original Research
  • Program Evaluation
  • Clinical Case Study
  • Meta-analysis
  • Systematic Literature Review

Submission formats:
1. Oral presentation
Abstracts for consideration as oral presentations must follow the format specified below under the “Abstract Format” section. Submissions for independent oral presentation will be considered for inclusion in symposia addressing the specific abstract themes given below (Abstract Themes). Submitting authors must specify the abstract theme under which the work is to be considered. The Scientific Committee reserve the right to reallocate abstracts as necessary.

2. Systematic reviews:
Meta-analysis abstracts must follow PRISMA guidelines and will be considered for both podium and poster presentation.

Systematic review abstracts must follow PRISMA guidelines and authors of meta-analysis and systematic review abstracts must upload a completed PRISMA Checklist.

Download PRISMA checklist

3. Clinical Case studies:
Clinical case studies may be submitted if they conform to the abstract format and, if accepted will be automatically allocated to the poster section of the Clinical/Policy programme thread.

Clinical case studies must include the referral problem, assessment data and diagnosis, case conceptualization and treatment plan, details of the course of treatment including specific evidence-based interventions and mechanisms of change, and the clinical significance of the outcome, including positive and negative outcomes.

4. Symposia:
A Symposium Submission is a 20-minute podium plus a 10-minute discussion (minimum 3 and maximum 4 presentations).

The Symposium Submission will take the format of one Chairperson (submitting author) with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 presenters. The symposium presentation will be 70 (3 presenters) or 90 (4 presenters) minutes in total.

Submissions must consist of one summary abstract, which outlines the symposium Title, Summary, Chair and Presenters information, and must include supporting abstract for each proposed presenter.

Symposium abstracts will be reviewed together as a collection.

The symposium chair is responsible for submitting ALL abstracts and supporting documents and for communicating conference information to individual speakers. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR EACH SPEAKER TO SUBMIT THEIR ABSTRACT INDIVIDUALLY.

In case the symposium submission is being rejected, the Congress Secretariat will contact the speakers to arrange alternative individual abstract presentation if speaker wish to. Therefore speakers SHOULD NOT SUBMIT THEIR ABSTRACT as individual abstract at this stage.

Symposium abstracts that appeal to an international/cross-cultural audience will be given highest priority.

5. Posters:
Poster information (including size, title banner, content, and organization requirements) will be provided once Authors have been notified of abstract acceptance.

At least one author of accepted poster abstracts must be present at their posters during an assigned session to allow for dialogue with participants. Poster sessions may run concurrently with other Symposium sessions.

Presentation Language
The official language of IPOS 2018 is English.

While IPOS also allow oral presentation to be conducted in Putonghua, authors who wish to present in Putonghua should indicate their preference during abstract submission, amendment after abstract submission is not allowed. Please be aware that all abstract text and presentation material should be in English for all presenters including those who preferred to present in Putonghua.

Early Career Professionals Programme (ECCPs)
Participants within 10 years of completion of their final qualification or are currently enrolled as PhD/Master or other students are suitable for this programme.

If you wish to be informed about early career events during the conference please indicate in the appropriate box during abstract submission and identify as an early career professional.

Abstract Themes
Abstracts will be accepted for the following themes (prioritized core themes in bold):
A. Cancer care in children and adolescents
B. Cancer and the Older Person
C. Cancer access, inequity and minority care
D. Cancer care in low resource settings
E. Culture and Gender
F. eHealth research & Interventions
G. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Cancer Prevention
H. Issues in progressive, advanced and terminal disease
I. Psychosocial Care and service development
J. Psychological Interventions
K. Self-care for the clinician
L. Survivorship
M. Symptom and Late effects (impact & interventions)
N. Theory building in clinical research
O. Translational research

Abstract Format
In order to be considered, an abstract should respect the following guidelines:

Abstract titles should be brief (maximum of 30 words) and should reflect the content of the abstract.

Commercial names may not be used in the abstract title.

No more than 10 authors can be listed. Professional title, institutional affiliations, cities and countries for each author should follow.

Abstract text is required for all symposium, podium and poster submissions.

Abstract text should be submitted in structured paragraph format organised under the headings:

  • Background / Purpose
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions (including Research implications and Clinical implications)

The online abstract submission procedure will not accept abstracts that exceed 250 words.
Figures, photographs, tables or charts are not allowed.
Take care not to use I (cap i) or l (ell) for 1 (one), O (capital o) for 0 (zero) or ß (German esszett) for (beta).
If references are essential, they should be within the text, in the form: (Murphy et al. BJU Int 2005; 95 27-30).
All accepted abstracts will be published in Wiley Online.

Abstract Submission Procedure
Abstracts can be submitted on-line from 3rd February 2018 via the online portal on the IPOS 2018 website.

Only abstracts submitted online can be accepted. Abstracts submitted on paper or by email attachment will NOT be considered.

Abstract can be submitted for consideration for symposium, oral or poster presentation. Abstracts submitted for oral presentation may be accepted as poster presentations.

Abstract submission is in text format only.

Abstracts must be submitted under one of the pre-defined topics and research type must be indicated.

The Scientific Committee reserves the right to place your abstract submission in a different theme if it is deemed more suitable.

To submit your abstract please follow the instructions on the screen. You will first need to create an account and a password. It is possible to save your submission as a draft and revisit it at a later date.

Please ensure that you submit your final abstract before the abstract closing deadline. Draft submissions will not be considered for submission.

Upon completion of your submission the submitting author will receive a confirmation email containing an abstract number from the IPOS Conference Secretariat. This confirmation is a confirmation of abstract submission and NOT a notice of acceptance.

Prior to submitting an abstract, please make sure that you have the following information available:
Abstract Title
Name, City and Affiliation of all authors
Biographies for presenting author
Submission Type
Research Type
Abstract text in paragraph format. All sections combined must be 250 words or fewer.
PRISMA checklist (where applicable)
For symposia: Overview plus 3 or 4 x symposium supporting abstract texts, as appropriate

Submitted abstracts cannot be edited online. Abstracts can be saved in DRAFT format until you wish to submit your final abstract before the closing date.

Symposium Submission Procedure
Symposium abstracts can be submitted under the standard abstract system and procedures as outlined above.
A symposium submission MUST be supported by the relevant supporting abstract documents.
The submitting author must submit all abstracts (Symposium Abstract and the supporting abstracts) in the one process. It is not possible to submit each abstract separately. Bios will be collected at a later date.

Abstract Selection Process
Abstracts will be judged solely on the data submitted.
Statements such as "further data will be presented" are not acceptable and will result in the abstract being rejected.
Abstracts will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Significance and Relevance
  • Theoretical foundation
  • Innovation
  • Approach and Findings
  • Implications
  • Clarity

The IPOS 2018 Scientific Committee will make the selection of abstract for oral, poster and symposium presentations by early June 2018.

The submitting author will receive an email with the result of the scientific committee in early June.
If a selected author cannot attend the presenting author should assign a replacement.

For abstract enquiries, please contact
IPOS 2018 Congress Secretariat
c/o International Conference Consultants Ltd
Tel: (852) 2559 9973
Fax: (852) 2547 9528
Email: abstract@ipos2018.com